AI Governance Platform

A Comprehensive AI Governance Platform Enabling Your Organization To Identify AI Usage, Mitigate Associated Risk, and Train Your Employees on Ethical & Compliant Usage.


Truyo’s AI Governance Platform is recognized By IAPP as a 2023 Innovation Award Finalist.

AI Governance Platform

Why There is a Need of AI Usage in Your Organization ​

Privacy Laws

AI usage is not exempt from current privacy laws


Consumers care about ethical usage and transparency

Leveraging PII

It’s Likely AI Usage in your organization is Leveraging PII

Truyo’s Data Governance and Risk Remediation Process

Without proper governance, AI is destined to fail. Biased AI and failure to comply with regulations can lead to legal issues and eroding trust among consumers, employees, and shareholders. Locating, identifying, and assessing AI-associated risk is key to AI governance. Truyo’s AI Governance Platform enables you to scan for AI footprints, survey employees & vendors on AI usage, map identified risks against the NIST AI Risk Management Framework, and train employees on ethical AI usage and the evolving landscape. 

Employee Survey

This tool utilizes existing Truyo technology to survey employees about their AI usage and disseminate training. It can leverage either the email service provided by Truyo (Brevo) or your own system (SMTP Gateway).

Vendor Survey

Much like the employee survey, you can use Truyo’s existing email system or your organization’s SMTP to survey vendors with whom you share data.

Repository Scanning

Truyo’s QuikLinks connectors connect to all of your structured repository systems to scan them for AI usage. Our AI Governance Platform utilizes the Egnyte connector to scan your unstructured data such as documents that may house AI data, as well.

Website Scanning

A popup allows the user to enter a series of website URLs (specific pages) that will be scanned for AI usage. The list is remembered by Truyo for later scans. In addition to the list of URLs, there is a checkbox the is marked “Scan data sources.”

Source Code Scanning

Our AI Governance Platform will scan source code for references to AI usage that could pose potential risks. Scans can be set up on a repository to look at the most recently committed code.

Email Scanning

Our AI Governance Platform will also scan your organization’s email server for references to AI usage that could pose potential risks. We identify communications within your organization where AI usage is referenced.

NIST AI Risk Assessment Framework

Truyo has integrated the NIST standard AI framework into a comprehensive risk assessment available through the Truyo privacy tool that enables you to perform the assessment to identify, monitor, and diagnose risks all in one place.

AI Governance Platform
  • In collaboration with the private and public sectors, NIST has developed a framework to better manage risks to individuals, organizations, and society associated with artificial intelligence (AI).
  • The NIST AI Risk Management Framework (AI RMF) is intended for voluntary use and to improve the ability to incorporate trustworthiness considerations into the design, development, use, and evaluation of AI products, services, and systems.

AI Risk Dashboard

  • The dashboard gives you a consolidated view of your aggregate risk by category, built from your assessment answers.
  • Truyo utilizes logic to help determine what category of risk the instance you’re assessing fits into based on completed scans and surveys.
  • After risks are categorized, Truyo calculates a relative risk to your organization. The dashboard is linked to your actual data and can be used to drill into the areas that are presenting the highest risks with preloaded categories that you can modify based on your organizational needs.
  •  For example, if you’re using personal information that may be identified and linked to a consumer or employee, that may present as a medium risk. If you’re using HR in an employment/hiring scenario this scenario would present a high risk. Using AI to proofread content could be categorized as a low risk.
AI Governance Risk Dashboard


You’ve Scanned & Surveyed via Truyo, Now What?
  • Truyo’s AI Governance Platform is modeled after the NIST AI Risk Management Framework to help organizations assess risk based on national standards.

  • The results of the assessment provide your organization with a consolidated view of your risk in the risk dashboard and actionable compliance measures including regaining consent from users, updating your privacy policy, and compiling necessary reporting.

  • As outlined by AI laws, you’ll need to manage employee training on AI usage to ensure you can demonstrate compliance. Truyo’s tool allows you to disseminate critical training to your workforce and validate completion.

Truyo AI Governance Platform


Training your essential employees, such as those in charge of development, marketing, or HR is the key to ethical AI usage. There are great differences in the risk levels depending on the type of data that is leveraged by AI.

Understanding AI-associated risk in the compliance department is one thing, but informing your entire employee base of these various risks is critical to properly leveraging AI and making the most of AI within the confines of new and evolving regulations. Fostering awareness of ethical usage is essential to risk mitigation and extending governance beyond privacy and into AI. AI Governance Training by Truyo enables you to deliver training on ethical AI usage to your employees to stay up-to-date on the evolution of AI and its regulations.

How do you ensure your employees properly understand this, especially where the risks are high? How do you validate adequate knowledge of key AI topics? Truyo provides you with the ability to deliver critical training to your workforce, track completion, and send reminders to employees with incomplete training.

AI Governance Training Module

Over 75% of consumers are concerned about businesses using AI but support ethical usage and transparency. where is AI being used in your organization?